Pilot Training Course List

Compulsory Departmental Courses

Elective Courses

Free Elective

Service Courses Taken From Other Departments

Compulsory Departmental Courses

PLT101 - Flight and Ground Safety Management Systems

PLT102 - PPL (A) Air Law (0101)

PLT104 - PPL (A) Air Vehicle General Knowledge (020)

PLT106 - PPL (A) Flight Performance & Planning (030)

PLT108 - PPL (A) Human Performance and its Limitation (040)

PLT110 - PPL (A) Meteorology (050)

PLT112 - PPL (A) Air Navigation (060)

PLT114 - PPL (A) Methods of Aviation Management (070)

PLT116 - PPL (A) Flight Principles (080)

PLT118 - PPL (A) Communication (090)

PLT120 - PPL (A) Flight Applications

PLT201 - Air Law (010)

PLT202 - Fligth Instruments and Avionics (022)

PLT203 - Basics of Aircraft (021)

PLT204 - Mass and Equilibrium (031)

PLT206 - Performance (032)

PLT208 - Fligth Planning and Persuit (033)

PLT210 - Nigth Fligth Applications

PLT212 - PIC Flight Applications - 1

PLT214 - PIC Flight Applications - 2

PLT301 - Human Performance and Its Limitations (040)

PLT303 - Meteorology (050)

PLT304 - Instrument Flight Applications

PLT305 - General Navigation (061)

PLT306 - CPL (A) Flight Applications

PLT307 - Navigation with Radio (062)

PLT308 - Multi-Engine Flight Applications

PLT309 - Operating Procedures (070)

PLT311 - Flight Principles (080)

PLT313 - Communication (091-092)

PLT401 - Crew Resource Management

PLT402 - Airline Dispatch Operations

PLT403 - Airline Flight Crew Techniques and Procedures

Elective Courses

- Technical Electrive

PLT411 - Strategic Management in Airlines

PLT412 - ATPL Retake Course 1

PLT413 - Transportation Politics

PLT414 - ATPL Retake Course 2

PLT415 - Management Information Systems

PLT416 - Aviation Economics and Policy

PLT417 - Decision Analysis

PLT418 - Risk Management in Aviation

PLT419 - Operations Management

PLT420 - Project Management

PLT421 - Accident Investigation Analysis

PLT422 - Air Fleet Planning and Scheduling

PLT423 - Air Terminal Management

Service Courses Taken From Other Departments

AVM101 - Introduction to Civil Aviation
Aviation History, Aviation System and its Elements, Definition of Aircraft, Aviation Alphabet, ICAO and IATA, Airport: Definition and Facilities, General Characteristics of Airlines, Types of Airlines, Flag/Low Cost/Regional Carriers, Civil Aviation Concept and System, Civil Aviation Organizations, Roles and Activities in Civil Aviation, General Aviation Operations, Air Navigation Services, Ground Services, International Civil Aviation Agreement, Other International Civil Aviation Organizations; ECAC, IATA, Euro Control, JAA, EASA, Turkish Civil Aviation: GDCA, Rules and Regulations, Turkish Civil Aviation: Airports, Air carriers, and Aviation Companies

CMPE105 - Introduction to Computers and Information Systems
Fundamentals of information systems, system and application software; input, processing, storage, output and communication; exploring the windows environment; learning management systems; internet applications; use of applications software: word processing, spreadsheets and creating presentations, integrating and sharing information between applica

CMPE106 - Computer and Information Systems
Introduction to Microsoft Excel (create workbooks, spreadsheets, formulas, functions, formatting, graphs); introduction to HTML and web design (insert Text, graphics, templates and designing from blank pages, insert tables, hyperlink, creating, checking and manipulating forms, manipulating files and folders, navigation bars, themes, shared borders,

ENG101 - English for Academic Purposes I
ENG101 consists of academic skills, such as reading comprehension, vocabulary building and critical analysis of texts. In this frame, listening and note-taking, class discussions, presentations, writing, research assignments and use of technology are some of the important activities.

ENG201 - English for Academic Purposes III
The course consists of mainly advanced reading and writing skills, applying critical reading skills and strategies, identifying the organization of a reading text, main ideas of the texts, and the author’s main purpose, summarizing a given text, outlining and writing an argumentative essay. Some parts of the input are in flipped learning mode.

HIST101 - Principles of Atatürk and History of Turkish Revolution I
The decline of the Ottoman Empire and the developments leading to the Turkish Revolution.

HIST102 - Principles of Atatürk and History of Turkish Revolution II
Foundation of the Turkish Republic and principles of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

MATH151 - Calculus I
Preliminaries, Limits and Continuity, Differentiation, Applications of Derivatives, L'Hopital’s Rule, Integration, Applications of Integrals, Integrals and Transcendental Functions, Integration Techniques, and Improper Integrals.

MATH152 - Calculus II
Sequences, Infinite Series, Vectors in the Plane and Polar Coordinates, Vectors and Motions in Space, Multivariable Functions and Their Derivatives, Multiple Integrals: Double Integrals, Areas, Double Integrals in Polar Form, Triple Integrals in Rectangular, Cylindrical and Spherical Coordinates.

ORY 400 - Participation in Social and Cultural Activities
Students must attend at least one social/cultural activity in each semester or at least two activities in each academic year. The activities are announced on the webpage of the departments. The students get an attendance certificate for the participation of each activity. To get a passing grade from this course, students should submit these certificates to their advisors.

PHYS 101 - General Physics I
Measurement; Motion Along a Straight Line; Vectors; Motion in Two and Three Dimensions; Force and Motion I; Force and Motion II; Kinetic Energy and Work; Potential Energy and Conservation of Energy; Center of Mass and Linear Momentum; Rotation; Rolling, Torque, and Angular Momentum; Equilibrium and Elasticity.

PHYS 102 - General Physics II
Electric Charge; Electric Fields; Gauss' Law; Electric Potential; Capacitance; Current and Resistance; Circuits; Magnetic Fields; Magnetic Field due to Currents; Induction and Inductance

TURK 101 - Turkish Language I
Historical development, structure, and usage of Turkish language, Practice on texts.

TURK 102 - Turkish Language II
Historical development, structure, and usage of Turkish language, Practice on texts